Some Pictures


So I promised some pictures and here they are. The first one is a picture of the orchid I got for my room.


These two are of the seedlings I’m starting. On the left is some oregano and marjoram and on the right is one of the onion sprouts. By the way, the variety of onion is Southport White Globe from OSC Seeds.

I can’t wait for spring. All the cold and snow is kinda depressing. I got a pop-up greenhouse for a Christmas present. I cannot wait to use it.

I found this great site called Grow Veg. It is a vegetable garden planner. I currently have the trial version but totally plan on getting a subscription. I have all my veggies mapped out in my backyard veggie gardens, including the greenhouse. The feature which I really love is that it tells you when to plant your veggies for your region.



This is the cup cozy I finished in less than half a day. It’s very soft. The other pic is of my Azzu’s Shawl. It’s working up very nicely. I’m loving the Chroma yarn it is sooooo soft and nice to work with. The pattern is a nice and simple one, a good one to knit while your waiting for something.

I also got back into knitting my Seascape Shawl. I started pretty much when the pattern came out (Summer 2008). I’m on the last main pattern repeat. This has been a repeated victim of project startitis, which is my word for when you can’t stop starting projects even though you have a number on the go already


The Onions are sprouting!

That’s right in less than a week the onions are sprouting. The first ones are just barely coming up. While I was admiring them I thinned the herbs. All the herbs have come up. I planted: Basil, Parsley, Sage, Marjoram, Oregano and Thyme.

On the knitting side of things, I finished a cup cozy in less than 12 hours (not continuous). Its from the Knit Picks Cheery Cup Cozy kit in Harvest. I did the fair isle one. Pictures when I get around to it.

I made bread in the bread machine today. 50/50 whole wheat. So tasty.

Maybe this blog should be about cooking too.


First Post Yipee!

Hello out there. This blog is just getting started on a whim. I hope to talk about gardening and knitting. So yeah.

I started some green onions this last weekend. And also bought an orchid. The orchid was a premeditated impulse buy.

I’m knitting an Azzu’s shawl right now in Knit Pick’s Chroma fingering.

Other than that life is pretty good.

See ya next time

Hello world!

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